Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm four now. I don't eat birthday cake.

Yeah, so I made Mickey's birthday cake from scratch, since I have a thing about paying a bakery for a cake for anyone under 20 years old. I won't say I slaved over his 4th birthday cake, but it was several hours from start to finish, and one messy kitchen to show for it.

The finished product was sort of cool, though:

And Mickey's reaction to seeing it even cooler:

"Mom, I love it! I really love it!"

But when it came down to serving time: "Nah, I think I'll just have ice cream."


So the cake was served to the very few guests we had and eaten very slowly and lovingly by his brother, but Mickey managed to steer clear of the entire thing. The last little bit was scraped into the sink tonight.

Did I mention it had crushed Oreos between the layers?

What in the world could this boy possibly need in a cake?!

Wait, I know: AA batteries, an old cell phone, and a Ty puppy dog.

That'll do it...


Anonymous said...

I'm 47 now. I don't eat bithday cake. No, it doesn't sound right no matter whose age you stick in there. I'm sure he'll get over that.

Excellent job on the cake.

Happy birthday, 4 year old!


Christibear said...

Wow, at four he's ahead of me. I think I stopped eating cake at 14. I much rather prefer some pie, any pie, so even at (nearly 34) my mom still makes me a Boston Cream pie!