Friday, July 13, 2007

"Son 2," "Son 1," and "Husband" gone!

Since I started this blog I've been a little timid with posting any personal information. I understand there are wackos, sickos, freakos, etc. all over the internet, and my job as a mom is to forever keep them away from me and my family.

Because of that I haven't called my boys or my husband by anything but these inane terms:

Son 1
Son 2

Can you stand the creativity? Me neither. So as of today, these most-important people in my life will have names. They will be "for fun" names, mind you. So if your a wacko, sicko, or freako, close that Google map window this instant.

Since I've chosen America's pastime as my bloggy theme, I'm going to stick with that for the names.

"Son 1" will now be Mickey. You'll know he's the older because Mickey Mantle is indeed an old baseball player (or dead?).

"Son 2" will now be Alex. I believe Alex Rodriguez is one of the hottest players going now and is heretofore controversy-free. If he does get accused of assault or doping or some other crime, I will have to go back to the drawing board for another name.

Now for the tough one: Husband. He will be "Pete." I struggled with what to call him, since anything other than his real name just seems silly. So the least "silly" I can come up with is the name of the manager of his favorite baseball team: the Cincinnati Reds. Welcome to the mommy blog, Pete!

(In spite of my family's stage names, my name on here is for real. So much for my safety measures!)


Anonymous said...

Man, I just knew you'd be calling one of them "Smalls"

Anonymous said...

Yes, those names are much more creative. I can't wait to see Mickey and Alex and Pete again.