Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Christmas in July for the Home Team

Yes, I'm still here. Yes, I have a million excuses why no posting for a week. Sometimes the ol' creativity barrel just goes a little dry, plus a bunch of other stuff going on.

The fun news of the day for the Home Team? A slew of unexpected "gifts" to be unwrapped!

1. Rarely do I win anything, unless it is because of sheer comedic skill, like here. But the contest gods shined upon me this week, and a BOOK appeared on my doorstep. Compliments of Budget Travel, I'm now the proud owner of The Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road.

I've only skimmed it and I've already laughed out loud. Unfortunately, I don't have any road trips planned with the girls. Yet.

2. My sister, in an effort to free space in her garage and take up space in mine, passed along a large four-wheel motorized vehicle that her son has outgrown. Sons 1 and 2 have not been injured yet, but just in case, I've memorized the hours of the after-hours clinic. And just for good measure, she also included a pedal-powered tractor. All three of my boys are in heaven...I'm in the wings with bandages.

3. Hubs broke his flip-flops and is getting some new ones by way of Austad's soon. This would not normally be news or Christmas-in-July worthy, EXCEPT when you consider that the broken pair is the ONLY pair of flip-flops hubs has owned since I've known him (going on six years). So, Christmas-in-July for him, too.

4. Sirius. Satellite. Radio. In the rental car while ours was being fixed after our fender bender. I nearly had several wrecks of my own as I blissfully flipped through 180 channels on the radio. Soooo sad to see the radio...er...rental van go last Friday. But we've got our own vehicle back, complete with a shiny new bumper.

So that's it...Santa July was very generous to us this year. Now if he could just make it stop raining...

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