Friday, July 20, 2007

I can't go to the party, but ya'll are invited anyway!

My friend Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer is hosting A Very Bloggy Giveaway on Monday (does anyone else think her mind was on "A Very Brady Christmas"?). I will be out of town so I can't participate (Blogger doesn't allow future posting). But I wanted to let my readers know about it so maybe someone I know can win a coffeepot or a used book or something. A lot of her readers are also seamstresses and crafty types, so you may hit the jackpot with something unique.

Here's how it works: Tons of people are going to be providing links to their blogs where they are holding giveaways! Free stuff! Sent to you! F-R-E-E. Purely a way for people to have fun and generate a little traffic at their site. And you don't have to blog to enter!

Here are all the details... Hope you can have a good time without me. (And I better get a comment here if one of my readers wins something.)

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