Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hyperventilating..because of Eric Clapton

I...just...realized...that...yesterday...I...was...on...the...same...flight...as...Eric Clapton. The one and only...Mr. Layla himself.

We were boarding our going-home flight from La Guardia in NYC. You know how you pass through all the first class seats and try not to make eye contact? Well, I was doing that, only I looked up for just a second at the first row. I noticed a man in the aisle seat: white shirt, graying hair, glasses. I thought, wow, he looks like Eric Clapton. (And now, I'm not kidding, I think I remember hearing him speaking British!!) It was so fleeting, you know, one of those, could be but, naaaahhhhh. And Pete was in front of me, and Pete, well, he's not exactly up on late-70s rock stars so I didn't think to get his opinion, and anyway by the time we made it back to the cheap seats the thought was out of my head.

Until tonight.

Flipping through MSNBC.com, I saw that he played Bryant Park with John Mayer for Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series. Friday, July 20.

Pete just asked the question: what is he doing flying commercial? Good question. Maybe his private jet had issues with the ongoing rainstorm?

I prefer to believe that, however fleeting, I was in the presence of musical greatness for a brief moment.

It's probably a good thing I didn't think much more about it on the plane. I would have probably broken something or been escorted from the plane trying to get his autograph...or a lock of hair...or a used drinking glass...


Anonymous said...

That's very exciting! I watched that concert Friday.Check out the Good Morning America Web site - the duet is on there. (Even though I'm a '70s child, I'd rather have John Mayer's autograph than Clapton's.)John Mayer is the best!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Eric is going green? I guess I'm going to have to figure out who John Mayer is if BV likes him that much. I feel old.

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!


Anonymous said...

Yeah you would have totally gotten kicked off the plane if you'd have realized who it was then. Wow.