Friday, March 09, 2007

Back to normal, glorious normal

The husband returned yesterday from an nine-day business trip. Well, part of the "business" was to have fun on a guys' golf vacation, the rest he actually got paid for. It all added up to nine days and eight nights of single parenthood for me, which is something I would never sign up for in a bazillion years and I cannot understand the celebs or other getting-older women who choose to do it. But I digress...

Yes, it was a long week. Yes, I missed him desperately. And when we got to the airport to pick him up, my heart melted into a big ol' puddle when I saw him coming down the very wide hallway with several other passengers.

But, melted not at the sight of his very cute face, not at the thought of help with bathtime, but at the sight of Son 1's face when he spotted him. I don't think I could have contained those three-year-old legs for an instant from running down the hall toward him. They were like some freakish real-life Road Runner legs. They didn't stop spinning until he was scooped up by my husband and like a kid in a Kodak commercial he wrapped his arms around Daddy's neck and squeezed.

And then out of nowhere came tears in my eyes and I had to get contained, lest husband would think I didn't have everything under complete control while he was gone.

Then husband and Son 1 made it over to me and Son 2, who was sitting in his stroller. His efforts to leap out of his seat nearly turned the stroller over, and the squealing began. I don't think it has stopped yet...

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PearShapedGirl said...

Cute story! I actually "awww-ed" out loud at work, basically giving away the fact that I am not doing anything work-related on my laptop, haha. Glad to hear that your hubby is home safe and sound and that things will get back to all their dual-parent for you!

Take care,