Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Smooth sailing, then iceberg, iceberg, and another iceberg...

So I didn't really update the progress of Son 1 and his efforts to shed diapers forever. He let them go bigtime, for like three weeks now. I never thought "Mommy I have to pee-pee" would sound like sweet music to my ears, but it did. And no accidents, even at night, and even at Mother's Day Out.

But that's where the sweet music comes to a screeching halt. For some reason he's had several accidents in the last few days, for no apparent reason. No major changes in our lives have occurred: we've not moved to a new house, brought home a newborn (!!), or gone on vacation. We do have a sick Son 2, throwing up here and there and everywhere. Could that type of event mess up Son 1's progress? He seemed so rock-solid with it. And really when Son 2 is sick, it's not like he's throwing up on Son 1, which would traumatize him (but not his mother, mind you).

If anyone has any insight to this please, please post a comment so I can understand what's happening. Spiderman, Diego, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Hanes can't take much more...

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, sorry Christine, I'm not help because I don't have kids. Maybe Son 1 is acting out because Son 2 is getting attention because he's been sick? That's my guess. I hope this starts working out for you, it must be incredibly frustrating!!

Take care and stay stong,