Saturday, March 31, 2007

Patron Saint of Sweepstakes, Pray for Me

OK, I doubt there is such a saint, but if there were I would be a' praying right now. See, over at 5 Minutes for Mom they are GIVING away a shiny new Dyson SLIM. Now even if I could afford ~$400 for a vacuum cleaner, the other Dyson models are much to large for the designated vacuum cleaner spot in our home. But the Slim, oh, the Slim would fit mighty nicely.

So please, St. Sweepstakes, if you're out there, have a heart and make this happen. One time your buddy St. Anthony helped my mom find her car keys when they were lost, but that was around 30 years ago. Don't you think we're due for a little Saint help??

And the rest of you, head on over and enter the contest yourself. It's easy and you don't have to blog to win. And if you win the Slim maybe I can arrange visitation.

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