Wednesday, March 14, 2007

WFMW: Reading WFMW posts and keeping sane

Hi. My name is Christine and I'm a WFMW-a-holic. There, I said it. I'm an addict to Shannon's weekly collection of woman wisdom.

The bigger problem, however, is getting them all read before, say, the next week's installment. I was keeping the site up in a separate window to visit when I had a minute online, but then my eye would wander all over the page like a shopper without a list.

Then I discovered that the key to getting through them without missing something is simple: FOCUS.

So now, instead of hopping all over the page, I read and click them in order. Numerical order. It was the skipping around so much that was driving me crazy because I'd re-read them accidentally or miss one at the beginning. So now I go up and down all the aisles and I don't miss any bargains, and life is good. Try it, maybe your WFMW will be just that much sweeter.

So there you go: a tip you can try right NOW.


Marcia Francois said...

Good idea.

I just click on all the posts that interest me (don't have children so skip those) but I also go down the list.

Mom2fur said...

I will read up to a certain number--say 25--then go off an do something productive like a load of laundry. If I see a blog I like but it's too long to sit and read at the moment, I put it in my favorite places for later! I'm like you, too, in that I go in numerical order. And, like Marcia, I skip the ones that don't pertain to me (like toddler stuff).

Kelley said...

I, too, am like a shopper without a list when I read WFMW posts. Thanks for the simple solution!

Anonymous said...


This is such a good tip. I too love the Works For Me Wednesdays! I was having such a hard time getting them all read. I've give your method a shot.