Thursday, March 22, 2007

All better now

A lot has happened since my last post: Son 1 did end up getting sick, even more violently than Son 2 but I will spare you the details on that. He hasn't had any accidents in a day, so just maybe getting sick was somehow affecting his psyche.

I got nauseous for about 12 hours but thankfully it didn't materialize into a stomach bug like the boys'. I did lose two pounds from not eating; who can complain about that?!

The carseat that Son 1 christened when he began his stomach bug is still very dismantled, hindering our ability to go anywhere but outdoors. The weather has been nice so that's not been a problem. (...the weathermen in town predicted rain every day this spring break week, but they were WRO-ONG!)

Hubs and I have an evening out planned for Saturday night; here's praying that everyone's well or that I can talk their favorite aunt into wearing goggles for the night.

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