Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wait, we have movement

Who knows why I'm compelled to post a video here tonight. More of "talking to myself" I suppose.

And this one has way too much information in it when you consider I haven't even posted my boys' real names. Just disregard that stuff. And realize I did not prompt him to repeat it, either.

Try to also disregard the lack of pitch, rhythm, and tune.

And pay attention to the cute.

Just make sure your good wine glass isn't too close to your speakers.


Anonymous said...

That's just too sweet! (And I have a hard hat you can borrow, several actually. Just run on down here before the weekend...I wish.)


Lori Hill said...

Absolutely precious!!!

Anonymous said...

i am trying to watch it. rw

Anonymous said...

SOOOOO cute! Can't wait till he is old enough to join the choir!!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved it, nephew!

Anonymous said...

i wonder if you can teach him
marry had a little lamb??!!!