Friday, October 09, 2009


My boy has blond hair. Is that "blond" or "blonde"? I'm really not sure. But I really forget that it's blond(e) until I see pictures like this one from a year ago.

It's not that long anymore, for sure.

Blond(e)? Still. But getting darker.

Maybe I take a lot of pictures of him because I'm afraid I'll look up one day and it'll be chocolate-y. And because his blonde-ness still confuses me. Although he has a smattering of blond-y cousins...equally confusing. But it makes the whole clan look a little more interesting during get togethers.

His blue eyes...they're still confounding me, too.

A lot about this boy confounds me, come to think of it.

He's just looking the part.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry his hair will probably still turn lighter in the summer. But his eyes will always be piercing blue! Future J.Crew model.

Rachel White said...

He's like me. Except he's blond, and I'm blonde because I'm a girl. It's because of the french I believe, the e's, i mean. I believe his hair will stay blond!

Tracy said...

The blondes in our family have always confused me! Totally weird but so cool. Not many of us have blue eyes though?? He is one handsome boy Christine!! I bet he will stay blond.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you have to post something else! I keep coming here and see those eyes and just stare for about 20 min. Post som'tin' ugly!