Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's snow wonder

Ahhh, March...a promising month of tan lawns suddenly edged in green, redbud trees blossoming, and more sunny days than not.

And, evidently, a time for six inches of snow.

Which hasn't happened in our city since 1926 or so.

It also happened to be the only snowin'-like-you-mean-it snow of the winter...the kind that can actually accomplish something. Like a snowman and a recreation of a base camp on Mt. Everest.


"Mommy! Last time I saw snow like this I was still in diapers!"

"No really, Alex, it'll taste like ice cream."

"Just take it. I need to get back to the job of shoveling this...just shoveling."

Here's what $250 looks like hanging on for dear life.

Easily first prize for creepiest snowman eyes. And why Pete needed to seat them in lawn chairs with their fishing poles is still a mystery.

"Wonder if I'll ever finish this shoveling. And thanks for helping, Alex."

"You can't see me too well..."

"...but I could survive for days in here."

The day after the snow. And the saddest snowman in town.

I guess because Base Camp didn't quite last 24 hours.


Tracy said...

I love that picture of the snowman the day after!

Anonymous said...

I bet the boys had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

awesome snow fort.

MG 3rd in line said...

That is the saddest, but funniest snowman I have ever seen. It just looks like the boys wore him out and he won't really mind melting all that much.