Thursday, March 19, 2009

At 11-something today...I will be a changed person

Let the Madness begin! I got my bracket completed last night and I'm ready for Stephen F. Austin to make me look like a genius when they beat #3 Syracuse!

Or not.

But you know there's a Cinderella team waiting to dance...why couldn't it be SFA?!

Whatever. I'm off to fold up my bracket and carry it around in my purse for the next three weeks so I can keep it updated with all the progress.

Who else has a bracket completed?! Who's your upset waiting to happen?


Anonymous said...

I always pick Gonzaga. Because I love to say it. Gonzaga.

Scribbit said...

You'll think I'm a dud for not being able to play along, I was just thinking about you and wondering what you were up to so I came on by to say Hi. Sorry :)