Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Destined to be the longest list in the world

Tonight Alex threw up his dinner. At dinner. At a restaurant. On the table and his plate and the front of his shirt and my wedding ring (love it when those things happen when Pete's out of town).

And as I worked through the six-inch stack of napkins the waitress brought me, the thought occurred to me that when I gazed at my ring with gaze-y eyes on my wedding day, I didn't also picture myself digging...pieces...out of it.

Add that to the growing list of things I didn't foresee when I signed up for parenthood.


Anonymous said...

Christine, that's gross, but poor Alex. Somehow when it's your own kid, it's not so bad though, right?

Brittany White said...

mmm I love life's little surprises :)

speaking of long lists...i have one...on my blog...that i've sort of returned to...

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Oh maaaan!!
So sorry Sister, wish I could say the worst is over...but, alas I cannot.
But your ring is pretty!