Monday, February 02, 2009

We all have our weaknesses

Everyone's got a weekly feature of some sort on their blogs. Except me. I'm starting "Wish I Had One of These" Tuesdays.

Behold, the first entry:


Anonymous said...

did you make these? What are they? Looks pretty good to me!

Christine said...

Yep, I made these cookies for a watch party of the Championship NCAA football game in January. They were the consolation prize for the OU fans...and not a bad one at that.

You can get the recipe (sans chocolate swirlies) at

misguidedmommy said...

what are those, where do i get those omg they look sooooo good

Becky said...

Whoa, those look good. You've got skills!

Anonymous said...

Did you get L. recipe for a choc. mint cookie? My new favorite and you can make them with applesauce. Very good, especially with milk.