Monday, February 23, 2009

Someday, boys...someday

Today was the boys' first day back in the swing of gymnastics since last summer. Alex is old enough now to be in the same class as Mickey, so instead of me trying to entertain him in a small space for 40 minutes while Mickey bee-bops around a roomy gym, he now gets to run around with his brother and they both get to crazify the instructor.

We arrived at the community center a full 20 minutes early...don't know why, we just did. I had it mapped in my head, though, I'd hit the vending machine and ration them cheese crackers until time for their class.

Seems that wasn't necessary after all. Since, when we walked into the community center, we heard bouncing balls and shouting.

The basketball gym was being used.

By ten 10-year-olds.

BOY ten-year-olds.

(Ten kids that looked just like their sports-lovin', basketball-playin' cousin. Who they believe hung the moon.)

Alex positioned himself at the door to their practicing and didn't move, even when I tried to coax him out with crackers.

So I gave up trying and corralled both of them all the way into the gym where empty bleachers greeted us. Without taking their eyes off the two coaches and ten players on the court, both boys sat down and continued studying the action for 20 solid minutes.

To them, I imagine it was like watching their cousin times 10...and they all had their OWN basketball. And someone to teach them how to use it. They must have thought it was heaven on earth...

Hmmm, hope those ten-year-olds don't mind an audience; they're about to get one for the next six weeks.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could jump inside that picture and pick him up!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

With Pete as their role model it will more than likely be sooner than later for Mickey and Alex.
I doubt they stay in the bleachers for too long!

Sarahviz said...

I'm loving your word "crazify" - it's perfect! (and we owned that same Carter's one piece striped outfit here in the Trenches!)