Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kenny Chesney and...who was that again?

Last week Pete and I got to go to the brand-spankin'-new BOK Center recently built here in Tulsa. We were there to see Kenny Chesney and Leann Rimes (apparently Pete has a thing for LR so I took out a loan and for his birthday I got us some pretty good tickets).

A sight to behold, for sure, but for us, the beholding-worthy site was right outside the doors:

I would say it pays to have friends in high places, but that would be a trite and pretentious phrase and we here at the Home Team do not flaunt our good fortune when it so very rarely descends upon us. Except for right now.

Dudes, my friends hooked us up.

Here's the scenario: (the kind that requires lime) And free parking across the street from the Center.

I love these friends!

Here's me and the friend we now owe favors to. (About two seconds before this picture was taken that woman in the brown shirt asked me if I had a hair brush she could borrow.)

"...what to wear, what to wear. Shoot, this Hanes t-shirt still has a few hours left in it. Lemme get my hat. And a necklace!"

The ferocious guards at the entrance to the tent...keeping all the unsavory freebie-seeking characters out.

...or keeping them in?!

Could he have at least grabbed the blue hula-hoop?

Okay, now here's where it gets ugly: Leann Rimes, the whole reason I sold my...ahem. The reason Pete was counting the days to the concert? Called in sick. Something -itis. I don't know. I believe he'll be scarred for a while.

So in her stead, Miranda Lambert sang her substitutin' lil' heart out. Way to step up, girl...

Then the man made his grand entrance...

If you look really closely you can see his jeans standing there.

His songs will make you want to sell everything and move to the Caribbean. Get a boat and just float around all day...

Not too sure Pete feels the same way. He's still feeling pretty bluuuu-uuu-uuuu-uuuu-uuu....


Heather {Desperately Seeking Sanity} said...

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kenny... I've been almost every year to see him... except this year...

The best though? When I took my daughter to see him. The look on her face was worth every penny.

So sorry your hubby missed out... :(

Anonymous said...

Can you guess what part of this stood out to me the most? Yes, the woman asking to borrow your hairbrush.

It looks like you all had a great time. I expect to see you recreate the pineapple/fruity thing at the next birthday party...


Anonymous said...

The sisters think the same way. That's what I wanted to know - did you let her borrow a brush??

Anonymous said...

Another Kenny fan here. Did he sing my favorite, "That's Why I'm Here?"
TW of BV

Anonymous said...

Christine, I promise, I clicked on post a comment JUST so I could talk about the hairbrush thing!! What is wrong with us girls???

Well, it does look like you had a lot of fun. But why was LR not there?

Anonymous said...

People should read this.