Monday, September 15, 2008

Another misc post

Good Monday! I am painfully behind in posting, but not really that behind for me since going three days with nothing is not unusual for The Home Team at all. So I guess I'm right on time with these miscellaneous items:

-- Alex's third birthday is tomorrow and we celebrated yesterday with a small family party. Pics to come!

-- Ya'll can breathe a sigh of relief: I didn't get crazy on haircut day. Pics to come as proof.

-- Pete and I got the countroyal treatment at the Kenny Chesney concert in our city last week. Um, I have pics of that, too.

-- I just found out today someone I knew in high school found my blog. I guess 'cause I'm also on Facebook. I don't know...the blog, it's out here for the world, but sometimes you forget that everyone is the world.

-- This morning I was sitting on the sofa playing catch with a soccer ball with the boys and watching Rachel Ray. Her guest and apparently undiscovered chef Jessica Simpson was making a chicken and dumpling thing (mostly she was dumping things in a pan and guffawing). Anyway, the recipe looked pretty good so I decided I'd give it a try and then review it out here. Then I decided I needed to get up off the couch...


Anonymous said...

Alex will have a mini party when Grandma comes on Thursday..Can't wait to see his haircut! I happened to watch Jessica this morning while I was getting ready to out and clean the workshop. Recipe sounds, good, easy and looked good too. But, I am not sure Jessica could tell us about it without Rachel to prompt her (and push her to do the work>

Anonymous said...

this old high school buddy has been reading for quite a while. Love hearing about your boys and seeing pics.