Thursday, June 26, 2008

Taking my son to T-ball is a paying job

I filled in for Pete tonight at Mickey's last T-ball game (which isn't really a game since they're just learning fundamentals such as baselines are straight and not squiggly). Anyway, I told Mickey he would have to tell me what to do since I hadn't been there with him before, and he was very happy to give me instructions here and there.

I didn't expect the following bonuses, all while the very patient coach chirped his whistle and barked instructions to the team:

"Mom, the bases are the same color as cupcake batter."

"How did your hands get so big?"

"I'm glad Daddy's out of town so I get to spend time just with you. Then tomorrow I can spend time just with Daddy." (Yeah, that one just confused me.)

There was also the bonus of seeing true joy on my son's face for 45 minutes solid.

The bonus of seeing him tell another boy "good job."

The bonus of having him run and jump into my arms about six times.

The bonus of my very hectic week being forgotten for a while.

I believe Pete can call me to sub anytime.


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Amen. To every word. I love being here for every thing - big and small.

Anonymous said...

That's fun! And what kind of cupcakes do you make??