Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kohl's has FREE Water Watcher cards

I happened to be in Kohl's the other day...the nearest one is about 10 miles away so I really, really, really have to want to be there. The 30% off everything-even-sale-and-clearance coupon I got in the mail went a long way to make me feel that way.

Anyway, amid my shoppin frenzy I saw these. For FREE.

It's called a Water Watcher card. It's for owners of private pools and it's for that person who usually says "I'm watching them..." referring to a bunch of swimming kids. Then when that person gets up and moves away from the water he or she can pass the lanyard to someone else, so there's always someone to be a designated Watcher.

Summer is my favorite time of year but with a two and four year old who are not afraid of anything (yet) it would give me comfort to see one of these at the private pools we sometimes visit (don't worry, Grandma, I'm bringing you one).

So get to Kohl's before they run out and grab one for a friend even if you don't have a pool. Help ensure the safety of yours and other kids.

Oh, and for some good water safety information, go here.

That is all.

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redthread said...

Woo Hoo! My first comment! Cool water thingies...I will have to go to Kohls. You know, I will be looking to my "Blogger Goddess"...um that would be you....for help!