Saturday, November 10, 2007

What I learned this week

-- Christmas shopping when it's 73 degrees outside isn't very much fun. But having ten gifts knocked off your list before Thanksgiving is bliss.

-- If your son gets carsick while riding down a freeway and you have to let the "sick" soak in for 10 minutes while you break the sound barrier to get home, it's bad. Carpet cleaner, upholstery cleaner, Febreze, and Car Jars help a lot. So does a husband who likes to clean and take car seats apart.

-- I was off a week on the Biggest Loser contest, so I found out the final weigh-in is next Tuesday. I hope I don't need to eat before then.

-- Cooking with red bell pepper did not kill me or my family. It was actually quite wonderful. Go here and see what I mean.

-- I had more blog posts in October than any month ever in the history of this blog. I'm not sure how that happened since there are still 24 hours in the day. My early New Year's resolution is to get some posts with substance out here. Or at least a useful tidbit once in a while.

-- Duh.


Anonymous said...

Nothing worse than a child throwing up in a car. Unless it's a dog. Which ours did Monday. That's where having multiple children comes in handy.

I hope the sick child is better today.

Thanks for the "duh". I'm trying not to be a "duh" eater, but it's hard when sisters send you chocolate just when you need it most. Again, another handy use for multiple children. Chocolate is gone. (Well, except for the Dove bar I bought and hid in my room for emergencies only.)


Christine said...

Mickey is fine now. Me, I'm still trying to erase the image of him I saw in my rear-view mirror.

Anonymous said...

You actually cooked with a pepper???

I'm so proud of you!!!!!