Thursday, November 29, 2007

Barney wields his power

As of this evening, Barney the Dinosaur has inadvertantly raised the Christmas decorations bar at my house. And the design of our house itself.

First, there was Mickey's request to "have Barney come out of the TV and help us decorate..."

Then, the "workers" need to "build us a house like that one..."

"That one" would be the IMAGINARY house in the "Barney's Christmas" video (thanks grandma) that my boys have been watching over and over since, um, August. But now it's actually relevant content, which is not at all lost on Mickey. I guess pretty soon he's going to start asking for smiling, singing children in his living room, too.

But I'd almost rather come up with that than bake gingerbread cookies. Blech.

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