Saturday, November 03, 2007

Personal: Happy Birthday, Radar!

Today is my little sister's 40th birthday. Except she will not start acting or looking 40 until she's at least 50. She's always been like that...on her 20th birthday she looked 10. I don't think that's really funny, but you get the idea.

Happy Birthday, girl, and have fun today not hearing "lordy, lordy..."


Anonymous said...

I forgot we used to call her Radar, how funny.

I told the kids she is 40 today and W. said (excellent judge of age) he didn't believe it, she doesn't look it.


I guess I was seven when we'd ride to school and I would sometimes be the one to hold her in the back seat. Hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, and don't forget...I'm still the baby, ..."Chrissy."