Sunday, September 30, 2007

Not your grandmother's quilts

Ya'll have to check out this site. I'm not a quilt-y kind of person, either making them or sleeping under them. But I stumbled upon this site today and I believe I could easily change my tune. If I could afford said tune-changing. These quilts are so beautiful, they look more like art than bedding.'s nice to dream anyway.


Anonymous said...

I agree, those quilts are pretty. I guess you took a gander at the price tag? I would never pay that, but I wouldn't mind being paid that, KWIM?

How'd you run across these? Are you looking for quilts?


Christine said...

I found it somewhere on the HGTV site. I know; outrageously priced. I'm not in the market, just loved the look of them.

And also, my aversion to quilting in general DOES NOT include that one you made for me circa 1998. I will cherish that forever!