Monday, September 24, 2007

Time out

I've taken a bit of a time out for the past few days; honestly I just haven't felt much like writing anything. We had a death in our family a few days ago (out of privacy to those directly related I will hold the details). It's so hard to imagine anything else being important, so I chose to not post anything at all.

I will resume regular stuff tomorrow night. And tonight I'm praying their family will draw on God's strength as they cope with their loss.


Anonymous said...

So sorry, Christine.

Anonymous said...

Christine - just wanted to let you know I am enjoying reading about you, your boys and your life - You help me remember back to a time when my boys were little (18 and 15 now - hold on to your skirt- it will happen to you too).... I will continue to read - take care!
Shelia Farmer :)