Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"I'd like to thank all the little people..."

Alex fell down in the kitchen tonight. He somehow stumbled and I have no idea what he hit, but it was enough to put quite a mark on his eyebrow...not a gash but a lot more than a scratch. A "scrash."

Alex is a strong almost-two-year-old. And when he's mad, the strength doubles. And when he's mad and hurt, the strength triples. Factor in I was by myself at the time and I have very inquisitive Mickey at my side, and I think I deserve the Mom of the Day award for getting a Band-Aid placed right over the wound. Complete with Neosporin. I raised up from him victorious, like a rodeo-er after hog-tying a steer in 12 seconds...

Here are the before-and-after's:

Not bad 'eh? He was very curious about it at first, then I showed it to him in the mirror and that was pretty much it. He didn't try to get it off at all.
So, I'm waiting for my award. (tap, tap, tap) What? Excuse me? There aren't any awards for being a mom? Wow.


Anonymous said...

I'll make you a cookie. ;) Or lunch.

Those are the worst kinds of accidents, aren't they? Hope he's feeling better soon. I think you better start calling him Hulk.

Anonymous said...

!~*~!***~! MOM OF THE DAY!~***!~*~!

On This Day September 12th Two Thousand and Seven the MOD Award goes to CHRISTINE for her Heroic efforts and bravery in the face of young children.