Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hello, friend.

We moved into our current house in July.  Of 2009.  I sacrificed some kitchen space to get square footage in other parts of the house, and one of the casualties was my Kitchen Aid mixer.  It's my favorite possession, next to my wedding ring.  And my photos.  And my Burt's Bees lip balm.  I think there's a reason "possession" and "obsession" sound alike.
But when we moved and I started settling into the new kitchen, I didn't measure it but I'm sure my counter space was cut in half.  So I boxed up The Mixer and stored it in our (freaking small and dark) pantry where it's been ever since.  I've missed it, but I bought a Kitchen Aid hand-held mixer which helped me heal from the trauma.
Then last night at a church dinner, someone asked a group of us moms what we'd recommend for a Kitchen Aid model if we were going to buy one.  And the conversation ensued.  We all had our opinions about what she should get, but there was no doubt about it: those of us who are already KA mixer owners talked about ours like they were permanent family pets.
So today I began shoving and moving and crowding, and brought her out of hiding.  Now she's ruling my kitchen from the (only) corner of my countertop, right where she should be.  I'm thinking about finally installing under-cabinet lighting now.
Don't you think she deserves it?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, it's a pretty one! It'll be worth the counterspace it takes up, at least this time of year. I keep mine in a awkward place on the counter and have to carry it to the island to use it, but after 22 years, it's still going strong!


Anonymous said...

She's so pretty. I'm glad your girl and blog came out of hiding.

Anonymous said...

It's asking you to make some Christmas cookies in it. rjl

Anonymous said...

How could you ever pack that away? I have a red one too and it's the first thing you see when you walk in my front door. Oh well, I love it.

Lori Hill said...

I'm jealous that you have a red one. Mine is a boring white one. I agree that they should have a prominent place on your counter!