Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And they say Catholic services aren't entertaining

Things you really don't expect to hear at Ash Wednesday Mass:

-- Whispered while walking up with me to Communion: "Mom, I really want to tell the priest I can jump rope."

-- While receiving a blessing from the priest at Communion: "Ouch!" And from the priest after accidentally knocking him in the head with that holds all the hosts: "ooohh, sorry little guy!"

-- "Can you see my ash? Can you see my ash?" Only "ash" didn't quite sound like that.

-- Shot out of the end of the pew as the closing procession goes by "Did you know I can jump rope?"

-- And last but not least "what's up, priest?!" Across the sidewalk in the general vicinity of the priest. And it was NOT whispered.

I should also say: this was a church we don't normally attend, so Cooper (THAT'S HIS NAME, NOT ALEX!) didn't know the priest's name.

And thankfully I think the priest doesn't know ours either.


Pat F. said...

So funny! Well, unless you're actually the mom trying to make a quick get away! Hey, I hear one of your boys can jump rope.

Anonymous said...

This is hilerious! And so sincere.
I think the Priests love the comments from the children. By the way, that "thing" in called a Chalice. We went to Mass also. Good way to begin Lent.

Kellyology said...

hahaha...I think we must have the same children.

Anonymous said...

Haha that scenario had Little C's name all over it! What happened to the "how are you" talk? Remember, be thankful you will never have to nag him about being a shy wallflower...

Anonymous said...

Oh Christine, how do you stand it?? I can remember when you and Rita were little and used to make us die laughing in church and we would have to try and hold it in and we would get "looks" from Mamma.