Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Six. For real.

Today's Mickey's birthday. I think it's a perfect time to let you know that Mickey's not his real name.

It's Carson. And I want the world to know it.

I'm tired of using Mickey and dang it I like the name we've given him so I'm using it now.


See? We're all okay. And Carson is six years old today.

In honor, here are six things you may not know about him:

1. He came into this world by emergency c-section. My entire pregnancy was uneventful until then. I would say something snarky like "we should have recognized this sign that this kid would never cooperate..." but that wouldn't make any sense. Really. The kid cooperates. Except...

2. When I was transitioning him to his big boy bed, I once locked him in his room to keep him from coming out. I know. I hope he never reads this.

3. He's told me he never wants to move out of our house.

4. He says "Star Hors" for Star Wars. I can't bring myself to correct him (I don't say it that way, FYI). He did grow out of saying " 'swich " for sandwich. I was sad that day.

5. In the past week or so his library selections have included two books entirely about the color pink. And I've read them both to him.

6. I have never been so sad to see another year with him disappear, or so happy to embark on another one.

I know it's cliche, but I truly do cherish every day I get to be his mom. I just hope he always knows that. Feels it. And never forgets it as long as he lives.


Anonymous said...

Welcome CARSON! I never did know if Mickey was Carson or Cooper or Dwayne and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CARSON. And it is a good thing you did not go to Madelene last night, there was NO room at all. RW

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my little C-Note!

SeaBird said...

Ha! One of my sons says, "Starwhirrs," and Ican't bring myself to creect him either :)