Friday, January 01, 2010

New year, new blog?

Yeah, right. I can't even take care of the one I have, much less start up a new one. For now, I'd just like to figure out how to change the language on the gray bar that appears above my blog from Dutch to something I can read. But for now, trial-and-error clicking gets me where I need to go...

So New Year's Day is supposed to be all about making a resolution...but I've found that if I give it the name "resolution," and proclaim it to a lot of people, then I have a 75% chance of not meeting it (or some such big number).

For that reason, I'm not calling any of my new little endeavors RESOLUTIONS. Then maybe I'll be more likely to stick to them. And since "a lot of people" does not equal my blog readers, I'm in the clear on that point, too.

My list:

1. Lose the weight that's holding me back. This, friends, MUST be the year I get serious about getting back in shape. I will be 44 (gasp!!) in four months and I am not living another year tired, sluggish, and unable to catch my kids when I need to.

2. Blog more often. And maybe join up again with a regular posting group again. I just need to get out there in the blogging world again and the first step is, um, blogging.

3. Don't try to be so perfect. I think one of my greatest flaws is that I limit what I do because I'm afraid it won't be perfect. I think there's counseling available for that...although decorating my boys' birthday cakes works too: they are always far from perfect. Anyway, perfectionism, if you take it from a psychological point of view, DOES NOT mean the person is perfect...I know there's only One perfect person to ever walk this earth. What it does mean is that the person is afraid of trying or doing in fear of failure.

For instance, there are several rooms in my house that are as yet undone. We've lived here six months and there are still boxes that need unpacking...mostly wall hangings. Thing is, I'm loathe to unpack them because I'm afraid I won't find the best place in the house to hang them. Or I find a place and then we decide to move furniture and then the wall hanging looks out of place. The horror!

So the boxes still sit, waiting for me to get started on my new non-Resolution.

Alrighty! Maybe down the line I'll post updates on these things I want to work on...and I hope I'll have good news with them. Happy New Year, everyone!


Mav G. said...

Personally I think blogging would be a lot easier if it wasn't called blogging. Blogging sounds like trying to run through ankle deep mud while wearing rubber boots that are two sizes too big!

Christine said...

You're right MAV! It also rhymes with "slogging," which makes sense for me lately.