Monday, January 04, 2010

My mom. And responsible blogging.

I didn't write the book on blogging. Lordy, I didn't even READ the book on blogging. So I plan to make a lot of mistakes doing it. One big one, which I'm sure is covered in some beginning blogging guide somewhere, is to not neglect a major topic after you've written about it, leaving your readers hanging on for more information.

That's exactly what I did with my mom's heart attack. "...hey, everybody, mom had a heart attack!"


Not too fair to you guys, sorry about that. Hmm, wonder if my readership would increase if I paid attention to little details like that.

Enough mea culpas...on to being responsible:

Since my last post on December 10, mom has indeed returned home. She was tired but ready to be home, and then she went back into the hospital about four days later. She had internal bleeding due to the beginnings of a ulcer, exacerbated by blood thinning medication she was taking at the time.

Over the course of the last three weeks, she's had several transfusions and ended up spending three nights in the hospital, including Christmas Eve. Add in the freak snowstorm we had in Oklahoma that night, and it was a Christmas to be remembered (or forgotten!) for sure.

Mom is adjusting quite well to her new, salt-free and carb-counting diet. The family is trying to be there as much as we can so she will always have someone with her. She's not ready for making all her meals yet, though she's probably ready for that after my shift last weekend. As my younger sister said before I arrived " better bring your A-game..." in the kitchen. Um, what A-game?

Mom has a doctor's appointment this morning (my brother is there in Muskogee to chauffeur her!). She will be getting another blood test to see if the internal bleeding is still under control. If it is where it needs to be, it would be the third successful test in a row...very encouraging!

I know I'm leaving out a lot of details; I'm not sure Mom wants her every health detail posted out here. But I know a lot of you have been asking about her and she doesn't mind me posting an update here and there.

Thank you for forgiving my blogging faux pas!


Anonymous said...

That is so hard to go through with our parents. Are you from Muskogee? I went to high school there. Will keep your mom in my thoughts that the new year will bring many blessings.

Anonymous said...

I think the Texas sisters may have outdone us both as far as "bringing it" in the kitchen...

Anonymous said...

I know who the best hairdresser is.


Anonymous said...

Really? The Okie sisters are that bad at the cooking? Did she say we were better? Did she? The 10 year old in me wants to know.

The hair thing does not surprise me a bit. Why was that so hard? It's not like she was squirming or anything. Poor Mama. I told her I'd get her a hat after I was done with her, but she was too nice. Or maybe that was the drugs talking.

MLS (Hoping to come back, really)

Anonymous said...

Well the Texas sistas had to bring something since we're not there all the time doing things the Okie sistas do for Mama.

Yeah, I heard about the hair, MLS. You exceled in other areas, that's all.

But nobody and I mean nobody can beat our "bird dog" brother!

Anonymous said...

Well mom was gushing a little bit about your cooking, MLS and JW. I And JS a/k/a "the supervisor" does win for hair styling although mom said Marge's styling techniques were right up there. Not that this is a contest or anything. I have to say I have never seen someone put a binder together quicker than RW.

Anonymous said...

Oh you silly wonderful girls (and Sons)!! You are all so wonderful and have been so good toput your families and lives on hold to care for me during this illness. No Health Care service could out do you and I am sure there are plenty of wonderful people involved in that work.
You can probably tell now that I am feeling much better and am on the mend with good prognosis from the Doctors. Thank you dear children, I love you so much. And thank you to Christine's blogger friends who have commented. Mamma

Anonymous said...

If you read between the lines what Mamma is really trying to say is that I am the best cook. Just read it - between the lines. I see it. Clear as can be.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, she's on the computer! Now we can't talk about her anymore.


Anonymous said...

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