Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm a big dog (for a minute)

I've always liked the photo below. I took it in October of last year at my sister's in Tulsa. She lives in a small town but has big views of sunsets. And sunrises. And sky in general. I miss that about living in a small town. In the middle of Tulsa we see our broad views of the sky on TV...or when we visit relatives.

So I love this shot.

And whaddya does The PW. I know, duh, you can see the pic right here on my lil' ol' blog.

But go ahead, take a look at it on the big stage. I'm not sure it's worthy next to shots of the Eiffel tower or beautifully silhouetted couples and children, but for a fleeting moment maybe it's not so mediocre.

Certainly the sunset view from my sister's house is not...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting on the Big Stage! Am I correct in saying the "lighted green grass" is in fact a light that Keith had set up during one of those weinie roasts? RW

Brittany White said...

YESSSSS!!! Now we've both made it! I hope you win!!!

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful, Christine.


Anonymous said...

woo-hoo! watch out.

Chilihead said...

Gorgeous! You always take great photos.