Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Neighborhood watch(er)

For days I've studied my neighbor's back porch trying to identify what she's hung on two hooks just off her deck. I'd take a picture of it for you, but that would just be creepy. Instead I prefer to grab my binoculars and pray she works during the day.

But mystery solved! Just now I saw a commercial for Topsy Turvy tomato planters. How cool are these things? I have no idea what's inside the green container...dirt possibly? To find out would require research on my part, though, and I wouldn't want to break my streak on this here blog.

If tomatoes do appear on my neighbor's hanging things, maybe I'll just have to get some of these and teach the boys about upside-down tomato plants. And how to stalk neighbors undetected.


Becky said...

Ha ha! I totally would have grabbed my camera. I guess I am the creepy one!

And happy spring!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
I met you the other night at the MNO. The inside of those upside down planters is a sponge.