Monday, April 27, 2009

Manual labor

I seem to have compiled a list of electronics I need to buy and cannot possibly live another moment without. Me and electronics only cohabitate...we do not ask too much of each other and play nicely, especially if the piece of equipment can accomplish stuff without me having to open the manual. Pete loves the fact that I used to be a tech writer and yet I usually leave manuals in their cellophane wrappings and will the product to work.

1. Digital camera. I watch with awe as Pioneer Woman and Me Ra Koh publish beautiful and emotion-filled photo after photo taken with their digital SLRs. I understand these things have auto features on them making them easier than ever to use, but they also have so many manual features that I'm afraid I'd just stare at this thing unopened in its box for many weeks, fearful of breaking it. Or having to open the manual.

I'm really considering a high-end point-and-shoot. But can I still get that same luscious, buttery background and shoot in low light? And would I have to read the manual to figure out how to do that?

2. Video camera. Pete and I bought a video camera when we met seven (!) years ago, and it is nearly the size of a breadbox. Every time I bring it out for family gatherings I swear I hear snickering. Not to mention there's no easy way to get the videos onto my computer or a DVD.

Not that I would know how to do that guessed it, I've never read its manual.

With my next video camera, I'd like to be able to make easy transfers and get good-quality video and files that aren't huge.

3. IPhone. There are hundreds of uses for an IPhone...not the least of which is IPeriod, an app which...well, click it and find out. How cool is that! It's times like this when I wish I was a workin' mom again and could somehow dream up a business reason for having one of these gems. Can a stay-home mom make a case? Maybe someday...

Although I hear the IPhone comes with a manual, too. Drat.

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Anonymous said...

Ok Christine,
Been busy around here and actually forgot to check your blogging. So I was pleasantly surprised to see your new format and pictures and info and comments. Good job. I know you will master your newest device in no time. Miss your visits, but there would be no way to keep the boys out of the backyard marsh!
See you next week. Grandma