Tuesday, December 09, 2008

House decorated

Tonight I finally finished putting out all our Christmas decorations. We don't really have much, but what we do have fits nicely in our house. It's been half done for days and I even contemplated just forgetting it and calling it good that I got the tree up.

But I persevered, and amidst kids and laundry and a laid-up husband, I unwrapped all my decorations and got them in their designated spots on the mantel, etc. Ahhhh, I love it when it's all done and I get to see my Christmas stuff for a few weeks. Every one of my decorations evokes a special memory when I open it, even if it's something I bought for myself. There's the Pier 1 phase I went through in the late '90s, the craft show phase in the late 80's (thank goodness that was short-lived), and the Hallmark phase that...hmmm, still in that one.

The neat thing this year is that unwrapping all the Christmas stuff still seems new for Mickey and Alex. Mickey even said "I can't believe there's so much Christmas in our house!"

I just thought of something: Mickey's four years old. This may be the first Christmas he remembers forever.

That's right, honey...lots of Christmas in our house now and always.


Anonymous said...

Christmas knocks at our doors each coming year and it may not be too much fun if diversity and uniqueness is not added in each coming year.

Anonymous said...

I thought you might post of picture of the Mother Goose Ornament!