Monday, August 18, 2008

Note to self: set alarm to read this in January, 2009

In the throes of the Beijing Olympics, I've sorta forgotten about the fact that summer 2008 is also coming to the end. Since summer is my favorite season, I like to daydream about it when Oklahoma is dealing with sometimes ice and snow but mostly just dreary, overcast, drizzly winter days that are too cold to amount to anything but an hour in an indoor germ-infested playground.

So sometime in January I'm hoping to re-read this post and be lifted out of the winter doldrums that I'm already dreading. What?! I really am a positive person. Mostly.

Summer 2008

1. My last summer of buying swim diapers at almost a dollar apiece. (Hear that, Alex, last summer.)

2. Swimming, swimming, swimming! This is the first year both boys could really get around a pool with the help of lifejackets. Except for nearly losing Alex, we had lots of fun and stress-free visits to Big Waterpark.

3. BlogHer '08! Pete is still wondering what I'm getting out of this whole bloggin' thing; it was nice to spend three days with souls who don't question the addiction.

4. Giving way too much unsolicited advice to my neighbor who just had her first baby (but looks like she listened).

5. Listening to Mickey and Alex have their first real conversations with each other. As much as they bicker, I believe they will soon start combining their powers for use against me and Pete.

6. The Moms' Garage Sale. I told them all I'd like to host another one next year...if I can get certain people to control themselves.

7. The front of our house finally got some bling.

8. ...and Alex graduated seamlessly to his bbb. Bless him for making that so easy for us.

9. Watching Aunt J and her family further endear themselves to my boys... spite of her idea of fun.

10. The Olympics. Wow. I never get tired of them and I truly wish they would happen every year. In prime time, please. Because watching has been like my second job.

(Okay, now I can get back to doing laundry of jeans and sweaters...)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. Took me awhile to recognize Alex????

Anonymous said...

Man, for a second I thought Aunt J was going to be me. At least it looks kind of like me. And I would never put his hair up like that but then I guess Aunt J never got to do that with her kids and I had more than my share.

Anonymous said...

I thought Aunt J was going to be JW too! I remember Aunt J did that to C & K's hair.


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

I'm sooo copying. That was brill-iant. Brill-iant!