Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I bet you don't hate drying dishes this badly

Our dishwasher has a drying feature on it. Basically it blows hot air on the dishes so they dry inside.

Somehow it got switched off today. I opened the dishwasher door to find WET dishes that needed drying. I'd rather scrub every toilet of every bathroom on my street. With my bare hands.

Now normally I wouldn't fret. I'd close up that door and pretend I didn't see them. I'd wait until Pete got home and lovingly watch him grab a towel and get to work. It's why I married him: he loves putting dishes away.

But Pete's gone on a golf trip right now. I wonder if he'd consider coming home for this.

Nah, so I considered grabbing the rag myself until I realized: heyyyyy! Why don't I just run the dishwasher AGAIN. And turn on the drying feature! What a great idea!

Then I realized that would be just crazy.

So tonight before I go to bed I'm going to open the dishwasher door and let them air dry.

I'm nothing if not resourceful.

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~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

LOL! I hear ya girl! I'll dry your dishes if you can swap folding laundry? Hate it. Hate is a strong word. I hate it. Apparently it's not strong enough. How about loathe? I loathe folding. Is that stronger than hate. I hope so.