Friday, April 25, 2008

Do you love/hate your digital camera as much as I do?

My digital camera is a blessing and a curse. Of course I love all the perks of digital photography: cropping, zooming, fixing, sending in emails, etc.

But there's a huge curse.

I don't order prints. Ever! Is this inherent in the purchase of a digital camera? Does your mindset just abandon the prospect of a picture on paper the minute the clerk rings up the sale?

Anyway, I cherish my photo albums. I started them in 1985 or so and I have about 30. Albums. Each one holds at least 200 pictures. Some hold up to 400. As a kid I struggled with math but according to my calculator I have more than 6000 snapshots! Something's just weird about that when you consider I did not have little photo subjects until four years ago...

Anyway, today I realized I haven't ordered prints in more than a year. February 26, 2007 to be exact. So I've been working hard the last couple of days to get them in order and I finally got all my digital prints from the last 14 months uploaded to Clark Color. I'm ready to order 'em up for a very modest nine cents apiece, which is el cheapo as prints go.

Until you consider I have 1217 of them to order.

"Hi, yep, I've got pics of the boys. You wanna come to my house and see them on my monitor?"


Chilihead said...

Amen to that. I don't print *anything* any more unless we need it for a school project.

However, I'm reconsidering it and have been using Pioneer Woman's photo site to enhance my pictures and printing a few of those.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

I love to scrapbook so I print out photos for that here at home. I wish I was like you and could put them in an album and be done. Now, they just sit on my computer and get looked through when I need something to blog about...
Hey, btw, have I ever told you I have Pioneer Girl in my class on Fridays? Well, was our last class until next year.
Have a fabulous weekend.