Saturday, March 08, 2008

Apparently I didn't take my own advice...

We have a flu epidemic in my lovely city. If they made Ziploc bags big enough I'd just use those in place of carseats to tote my boys around (although the Big Bags might work!). They wash their hands every time they walk in the door and before they eat and we're using gallons of "hand-itizer."

But I guess I haven't taken my own precautions because I got diagnosed with strep throat today. Yikes.

The nurse asked me if I needed a note to take to my job so I would be excused and I can't believe I didn't take her up on that. Can you imagine the look on Pete's face if I handed in a doctor's note and said I was taking the next three days off?

Then she tells me to stay away from my children. Yep, she said that.

But she gave me pain meds so I forgave her.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. I have had strep and it is no fun. Yeah, you should have gotten the note. You probably have at least at least 100 sick days saved up. Feel better.