Sunday, March 09, 2008

Diet Coke + Strep Throat = Satisfaction

Having strep throat can really test one's allegience to foods and drinks. Or I should say, it'll help you identify your pain threshold. Because we all need to know that. So here are a few do's and don'ts I've learned since I made an A on my strep test:

Coffee? No way. Kills the throat.

Chips? Save 'em. Sorta feels like swallowing gravel.

Cereal? Same as chips but with phlegm-producing milk. Not good.

Diet Coke? Feels like cold shards of glass. But here's where I did not realize just how high on my List of Needs DC ranks. I am willing to endure the pain in order to drink it! At first I thought a sip at a time would do, but it is not enough. I have to guzzle this stuff to be satisfied! So for the last three days, I have had to take a deep breath, clench my fists, and suck down the glass shards. I feel like I'm gearing up to break six boards with my bare hands.

So worth it.


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

O. M. G. ! ! For not wanting to are stinkin' hilarious! My Big Shooter agrees!

Momma Mary said...

I LOVE drinking fizzy drinks with a sore throat. It's like the fizz is scraping all the icky badness right off. And, when the scraping sensation is gone, the pain is lessened for a second. Like when you have a dull ache, so you PUSH it until you want to cry.... So that when you let up the dull ache feels good.

great, now you you think I'm a freak. :) De-lurking to say get better.

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with strep throat this morning. I fecking agree 100% :D I may just go get a diet coke now. I will.