Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Tah-tree" and other new words

I want to remember what Alex says. Every word. Is that possible? Seemed I especially noticed his speech this Christmas; it's now vaguely understandable, at least to me. But really, if said aloud, a lot of his words make perfect sense.

So, I give you...the audible blog post. Read these phrases aloud and you will be speaking Alex-ease in no time flat (just tell your co-workers you're meditating).

"thseee peee tah-tree" (see pretty Christmas tree)

"mee-kit-miss! ha-heh-ho!" (Merry Christmas, ho-ho-ho!)

"thseee kit-miss lie-eeeets?!" (see Christmas ligh-eeeets?!)

"no-meeen" (snowman)

"thseee tooonnnnn-ulllllll?!" (refers to tunnel at Christmas display in Hometown)

"tah-waaainn" (train. over and over and over again.)

"thsee gow-mah?!" (see grandma?!)

You'll notice a lot of ?! after these. That's because he is usually demanding something. His voice is so tiny yet so laaarrrrrge! I hear it in my head even after he's gone to sleep. When Pete and I are out on a date night I find myself lapsing into Alex-ease ("can we go to a movie, pleeeeaaaase??!") All day I try to appease Alex in order to, how shall I say this nicely...shut him up. But he keeps on and on and on in his relentless way and pretty soon I give up and give in. Proud parenting moments they are...

I know, I a few years I'll look back and miss that sweet voice and even the shrill upswing at the end of his words. I'll wish again for those moments when it feels like only he and I know what he's talking about.* When he's thirteen and sitting in silence at the dinner table I'll remember a time when his voice filled the corners of our house 24/7.

People are constantly telling me to savor the moments when my kids are little. I'm all for that...I just wish they would savor them with me. Quietly.

* Except for the times when Mickey translates for me...not kidding.

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Brittany White said...

you forgot to mention his word for "cookie"...i have a video of him saying it!