Thursday, December 13, 2007

A lesson in handling a crisis

Take two little boys. Remove them from their home. But stay there one very cold night when the home doesn't look or act like itself. Take them to three different homes to stay. Let them eat out, snack all the time, and be sure to forget their favorite books when you pack to leave. And tell them their very fun school is closed, too.

Then expect them to act as if nothing is different. Tell them they should have the same eating habits. Tell them they shouldn't be disagreeable, angry, or upset when you say "no." And always say no when they want to go outside when it's 36 degrees. And be sure to tell them they should have the same sleeping schedule down to the minute, no matter where they are.

And then feel terribly sorry for them and hug them until they say "mom, you're squishing me..."

And then remember that you're not acting the same, either. You're not eating the same, sleeping the same, and heaven knows you're not exercising the same.

And then pray for some patience: for the boys, for yourself. And be thankful you have computer access and a mother who welcomes all three of you with very warm, open arms into her very warm house.

And pray your husband gets back from traveling soon and safely.

And pray for some power.

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