Saturday, December 01, 2007

What I learned this week #2

1. According to the woman in front of me getting "coffee" at Border's today, you can specify the degree of hot you want your drink to be. No, I mean the DEGREE. As in, "...I'd like that at 130 degrees." She also specified the ratio of red/green sprinkles on top.

2. When your husband volunteers to take your two toddlers to a high school basketball game while you go scrapbook for eight hours, snicker and say "...that's a great idea for an activity, honey." And then marvel at the wonderful job he must have done since everyone made it home uninjured and fed. And he stayed for the whole game!

3. Two-year-olds and glass Christmas ornaments do not mix, even over carpet. Alex popped two of them together and shards went everywhere. As well as I vacuumed I'm still finding them. And he broke them last week.

4. A three-year-old can sometimes come up with better words than what they should actually be. "Puffit" for puppet. "Pushin" for cushion. "Organ" for ornament. Maybe not that last one but it is funny to hear "MOM, we NEED to PUT the ORGANS on the TREE!"

5. My Toyota user manual is just a tease. Three lights on my dashboard illuminated themselves tonight and the book's only advice is "see your Toyota dealer." No explanation whatsoever. Wouldn't it just be easier if the three lights just said "TAKE IT IN"?, I hope next week is just as fruitful.


Anonymous said...

Hey I saw Pete and Alex and Mickey at the game - Alex or Mickey??? the "not shy one" was talking to just about anyone who would listen and throwing anything he could get ahold of with his left hand (southpaw?) Pete was VERY good with them - course he had a little help from Grandma and Aunt J.
Shelia :)

Erin said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh. That is soooo my house.

Christine said...

Shelia, yep, that would be Alex the younger one. (Just remember A. Rodriguez, his namesake, is much younger than Mickey Mantle.) He is indeed left-handed, although for maximum effect he will hurl things with whatever hand is available.