Wednesday, October 03, 2007

WFMW: Spaghetti help needed

Today's Work for Me Wednesday has a special twist: it's Backwards Day. We post questions, and the answers flood our comments...right?!

My biggest problem of late is this: my homemade spaghetti sauce does not adhere to the spaghetti.

I use a darn good recipe from Paula Deen so you would think it would perform perfectly, but it seems like it doesn't matter whether I use a recipe or not. The spaghetti sort of rejects the sauce and I end up with sauce and spaghetti in the same room but not talking.

Any ideas? FYI, I do not rinse the pasta because I've heard the starch on it helps sauces stick to it. But that seems to be a lie. Help!

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P.S. Honestly, I know this is the most trivial problem I could possibly have in my life. And for that I thank God today.


Anonymous said...

Ok - this is big, really big..... do you put a little oil in the spaghetti when you other suggestion would be a JAR of PREGO.... boys favorite :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with SFarmer. I put a little olive oil in there. And, yes, I always use a store bought spaghetti sauce. I'm sure yours tastes better.

Christine said...

I will try the olive oil trick and post the results. Since, you know, people can't wait to see if my spaghetti gets the help it needs.

And yes, Prego is probably the easiest way to go. Sauces have definitely come a long way over the years...

Anonymous said...

Try this: When spaghetti is al dente (not completely cooked through), pour out MOST but NOT ALL of the starch-filled water. Mix the sauce in with the pasta and water and finish cooking that way (about 1-2 minutes more). Let me know if that helps!!!

I love the idea of the backwards wfmw! Nice meeting you on your blog (found you via blogher ad)