Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wow, that was quick!

So apparently instead of posting a comment out here, all you very quiet readers went out and voted for me. Check it out!

I also got an email that said I was being sent a very "small" prize. Methinks I should make room in my cabinet for a Nightline coffee mug. And no, the email was not sent from Ted Koppel or whoever is the host these days. Rather, my theory is that "Eric" is a college intern who got the assignment back in September and it is just now getting through all the red tape that must surely be required to get a page on I can hear it now:

ABC Bigwig: "We need more hits on our website."

ABC Sorta Bigwig: "I know, sir, we're having brainstorming sessions as we speak to figure out what we can do..."

ABC Bigwig: "How about a contest. People love contests. Contests are good. Look at that Idol show. Now that's a contest..."

ABC Sorta Bigwig: "Sir, that's a television show. Ours is a website."

ABC Bigwig: "Whatever. Jordin, wow, she's really good. Explain to me what beat-boxing is anyway."

ABC Sorta Bigwig: "Not-a-Bigwig just got a new intern: Eric Somebody. Maybe he can get him working on it."

ABC Bigwig: "Good, make it happen. And set me up with Paula Abdul...I hear she's single and looking."

ABC Sorta Bigwig: "Right, sir, I'm on it."

And thus, the Nightline Caption Contest is born... Thank you, fans!

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Anonymous said...

You won! How cool! You must post a picture of your "small prize" so we can see what the rewards are for being clever and witty. You now have an "Oprah" connection, too. Gets better and better...