Friday, May 18, 2007

The Home Team's Week in Review

Guess I've been a bit of a slug this week as far as posting goes, so here's what's been going on at Home Team's house:

1. I got what I think is possibly the best haircut of my life. I won it at a silent auction at our church and "Damon" doesn't know it but I was the only bidder. I sat down in his chair and as he took the scrunchy out and my hair just sort of stayed up, he says "...oh, honey, the Lord sent you to me..." He proceeded to whack away ala Edward Scissorhands and I came away with a new hip 'do that I love. Despite the fact that he wondered aloud why all his clients have "problem hair," I will be going back to him in a few months.

2. Son 1 and Son 2 got through the week with no major injuries, but Son 2's head met with my brow which caused tears. From me.

3. My newly-planted hydrangea is still alive. This is news. I will post pics soon.

4. The scale says I lost 10 pounds! And, no, it is not broken.

5. I can't believe Melinda Doolittle isn't on AI anymore. And I got to watch about seven minutes of "The Office."

Yep, that's all the excitement here lately. Be sure to visit again for another riveting installment...


Anonymous said...

So how did you prepare for the appointment with Damon? Hair magazines? Or did you decide what you wanted after consulting with him right before the cut?

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new hair cut. But more importantly, 10 LBS! You rock! Lookin' hot, chica. Smokin' hot.