Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Interview Meme

My wonderful friend Chilihead has included me in the Interview Meme that I hear is going around, but since I've been rather extinct out here lately I wouldn't know. I'm taking her word for it. So here's my contribution:

1. What was your favorite outfit in 1987? The one you wore every time you could and made sure was washed for those nights out on the town?

I had an unlimited supply of shaker-knit sweaters in the mid- to late 80s so I could always fall back on one of those with my jeans and Huaraches. And I had a lavender long-sleeve shirt that had puffy sleeves, a la, Seinfeld but not as cute. Yeah, I thought I was original in that shirt, when really the reason I felt that way was because NO ONE ELSE HAD ONE. Didn’t get clued in on that mistake until about 1989.

2. Have you achieved three of your life goals?

Yes: graduated from college, married the man of my dreams, became a mom. I’m starting to let go of “...become an Olympic figure skater…” and I haven't given up on "...make money as a photographer..."

3. Do you ever fly in your dreams? If so, how do you take off ( e.g., jump, run & jump, lift up off the ground, etc.)?

I do fly in my dreams! It’s been a while; I wish I knew what life events triggered that dream because I always wake up invigorated. I tend to run and jump. Like a gazelle. A gazelle on steroids. A gazelle on steroids with the wind at his back. Oh…it’s a fun dream!

4. You have five minutes to pack up and leave. What stays and what goes?

What goes: contact case and solution, eye-makeup remover, eye glasses. Sight is an important thing to me. Son 1 and Son 2. One diaper. One sippy cup. Husband. If it is a permanent exit, husband gets to take a bottle of water and my 30-odd photo albums. Purse. ALWAYS my purse. And a cell phone charger. And my computer. And my calendar!!

What stays: who cares? As long as I have my calendar.

5. Your family is being transferred. You get to pick where you'd like to live, but it can't be in the United States. Where do you choose?

A tough one. I do not want to learn a new language. So I’m going to Mexico; when I get there they will change all their literature, signs, forms, and grocery items in the whole country to English.

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Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO. You ROCK! Those are great answers.