Monday, February 24, 2014

So long, Sochi

Pardon me while I'm in my funk-of-every-four-years.  See, yesterday the Winter Olympics ended.  I LOOOOVE the Winter Olympics!  Even though the USA figure skaters didn't really show up much.  Okay, Meryl and Charlie won gold in Ice Dance but no one really watches that.  We wanted our Ladies and Pairs up on that podium!  (I also hope someone recognizes the insanity of that "team competition" and stops it before Korea 2018.  It's just a country competition and I don't understand what the purpose of it is.  I think if you put all the skaters from one country out on the ice at the same time and have them to a program together...that would be interesting!)

Anyway, so then there was hockey.  I hate watching hockey.  I'm thankful my husband is not a hockey fan.  BUT, if there's a major hockey event I will watch it.  We had a fleeting one of those when the USA beat Russia in a shoot-out and one of our guys (see, already forgot his name) was a household name for a minute.  Then nothing, and I went back to hating hockey.

The boys were into it this year, too.  Cooper told me, as if he was stating the sky is blue, that he wants to be an Olympic snowboarder.  Guess he can do that in the off-season of NFL football.  And the NBA.  That boy...  It's fun to think about though: this is the first Winter Olympics he'll remember watching with the family.  Carson just might remember Vancouver 2010.  I have awesome memories of watching the Olympics when I was a kid and I hope they do, too.

So for this sports-watching family we have to wait two years to hear that familiar Olympic anthem, and four years for the good Olympics.

And omg.  I just realized I'll be 51 years old when that happens.  Uh.  Wow.

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