Friday, February 14, 2014

A Love-ly Day

Happy Valentine's Day.  I went to the boys' school to help with their parties.  Their teachers have them design and construct boxes or some other vessel at home and they bring them to school to hold all their Valentines.

I wish I'd photographed some of these structures!  I think some kids must have started designing their boxes back in December.  (Carson was not exactly jazzed about it...maybe that's expected from a Fourth Grade boy?  Last night at 7:30 he poked around in the garage and came up with an Adidas shoe box.  Glued a red heart on each side, called it "lame," and he was satisfied.)

Their parties were loud and chaotic as usual but the kids seemed to have a lot of fun.  There were plenty of parents there to help hand out goodies and clean up and stuff, but oh my...I am exhausted and the boys are exhausted.  Why are parties so dang exhausting?

I'm realizing, though, that they won't be having these little classroom parties much longer.  And as they get older I'll have fewer chances to visit them in their classrooms for anything, much less a party.  I kinda want them to remember that I took a little time to be there on some special days like this.

(I'm off to a flying start on this back-to-blogging thing, right?  I just stared at this post for 15 minutes trying to make it into something...else.  But you know, that's my life: it's not a fairytale or a riveting novel.  It's just my everyday.  Welcome to it.)

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